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Get to know Geirþrúður!

Aside from playing cello, Geirþrúður enjoys a plethora of other nerdy activities. She loves to read, and is particularly fond of the works of J.R.R. Tolkien, George Eliot, and Jane Austen. She is a keen chess player, having trained and competed internationally as a child and teenager.

She also enjoys some less nerdy activities, like photography, cooking, baking and exercising. As a child she was determined to be a professional soccer player, but over the years her ambitions have become more realistic and now she primarily likes to go running and to do yoga. She has always been very interested in math, science, history, and philosophy, and tries to pursue these interests by listening to podcasts during her runs or while cooking.

Geirþrúður currently divides her time between New York City, London, and her hometown of Reykjavík. 

You can follow her travels, photography and music on Instagram.

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